Revitalizing Golf Retreats

Marc provides his services to clients all over the world. From top athletes and Hollywood A-Listers to anyone who is looking to be stronger, and healthier no matter what age you are.

 The Cormier Power ProgramTM is  also being offfered now as a certifiied program. Each Athletic Professional is personally trained, mentored and certified by Marc Cormier creator of the program. 

Marc Cormier Bio-Mechanic has worked with the who's who of the best athletes in the world including sports legends: Shaquille O'Neil, Olympic Gold Medalists Elvis Stoyko and Jean-Luc Brassard, Vincent Lacavalier, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Tommy Armour III to name only a few. For the past 20+ years, these professionals and many more in the PGA, NHL, NBA, NFL have personally hired Marc to keep them in top shape to win and to maintain physical longevity. 

Bio-Mechanic Services 


Keynote Speaker

For the avid golfer, there is no better training and rejuvenating experience to  fine tune your game then with Marc who spent 15 years on the PGA tour readying the best golfers in the world. Marc hand-picks the ultra luxurious golf destinations where you'll be trained by Marc and his team to bring your game and your health to new heights.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Marc Cormier knows the secrets of what it takes to ignite excellence with his

clients whether they are top athletes, top business professionals, weekend warriors or entrepreneurs.

Marc and his team offers one-on-one client training, deep dive rejuvenating retreats, conferences and 

Cormier Power ProgramTM Affiliate Certification.

Marc's inspiring and heartbreaking personal message of strength and hope coupled 

with his nearly 30 years of working side-by-side

with the top athletes of the world ignites

everyone's inner champion to want to achieve

only the best!

Inspiring Results & Building Legacy